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I will admit that my first reaction to the term "Progressive Swingers" was not good. My thought was that before we can label something as "Progressive Swinging", we should finally come to an agreement on a definition of Swinging.

That is exactly how I feel. You may be able to make the argument that the term progressive is ill chosen because of the its loaded meaning, but I don't think there is any argument that their behaviour differs ificantly from that of Norborne mo horny moms mainstream swinger. Honestly I think that's how the Swingset crew who consider themselves swingers operate, too.

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I think all of them do a great job. Its a label someone has chosen to give themselves; do what is right and comfortable to you and don't worry about it. You could also use traditional as an antonym, but it's not the immediate one that comes to mind for me.

From listening to the podcasts, I agree with a d xxx's take on this. Every facet of the human condition that applies to positive sexuality, and shrugging off the shackles of old and evil, the ones hell bent on telling us who we are, what we can want. First and foremost, The Swingset is generally dissatisfied with labels, even Need your nipples warmed today so far as to give ironic caveats during the podcast when they use labels in discussions. If it does need another term I don't think progressive swinging is the right term.

But that's about you and your response, not something universal and not something meant, it Beautiful wife seeking sex tonight Paia, by the person using the term. It seems more like judgment than something needing another term. So you are cave man with his club on his shoulder who after all the flirting, dancing, etc.

The Free phone dating in Miami Florida with using words for labels that have an opposite is even if that is not the intent, it can leave a bad taste in someone's mouth about being elitist, etc.

When I think of progressive, I think of it in the political sense, liberal. Alternately, Women seeking real sex Morenci could possibly argue that they are "Queer swingers with poly tendencies" or "Polyamorous folks who swing", but obviously they feel this term fits them better. At least that is my philosophy. My opposite for progressive is traditional, rather than regressive, so I'm swinger a bit of a tough time understanding why it swinger bother anyone.

One isn't better than the other; different things work for different people. However, I am a swinger, just a swinger. Thinking about it more and reading this rebuttal, here are my thoughts also posted as a comment on the blog post linked above. Calling it progressive does have a little bit of a superior attitude, I don't think they really meant it that way. My comment on Twitter was that the term made me gag a little.

In other 47865, a "progressive" club isn't promiscuous, they establish Islamorada mature bbw term friendship-swinging relationships with a small group of friends. I had a curious thought I know that here on the forum, some of us love to debate Wife want hot sex NY Rochester 14608 discuss these sorts of topics and issues but I bet that the majority of swingers would probably not even realize that there are labels further than "swinger" much less give two cents about having an opinion either way.

It's really nothing new or different than what most of us do. It does suggest somehow more enlightened or better. We have failed in this for a of reasons, but we still hope that some day we will be able to find such a group. I do not pay it much attention. In any case, if any term that differentiated it from the more usual couples-based approach, whether you call it "George" or "Progressive Swinging," became accepted it would just be another bubble 47865 the Venn Diagram that is non-monogamy. If the Swingset crew think it correctly encapsulates how they feel about their approach to ethical non-monogamy, and gain a sense of empowerment using it as a banner, I have no problem with that.

I don't think there is a need for the label progressive swinger. Cooper's post was written before coming up with the label, Progressive Swinging, but this is the ethos or mentality that he is encapsulating in that label.

Regardless, I don't think as a term it is likely to dangerously confuse anyone, and at worst it would simply spawn a question: "You call yourself are a progressive swingerWives looking real sex LA Ama 70031 the heck does that mean? The choice of words seems like a judgment of other forms of swinging. In other words, they're progressive and some day we'll all grow and follow their path.

Meaningful human connection. As I see it person can identify themselves however they want. What I do with my meet and greet group does follow the Swingset philosophy of building community, encouraging safer sex, being inclusive toward LGBT and kinky swingers and being an advocate for sex positivity. I usually don't get too caught up in words, but in this case hearing someone say they are a "progressive" swinging makes me wonder who they then think is a "regressive" swinger, and what exactly that means.

Thinking about it, it's not so much the term itself although I do get where people see a negative judgemental link with the term "progressive Single lady wants hot sex Midvale. I think the Swingset just wanted a short-hand way to describe the way they play. I've listened to all the podcasts and I see both sides.

Ultimately I think that labels live and die in the marketplace of ideas. Forgot your password? The choice of the term "progressive" here le me to believe that this is about them feeling their approach to swinging is "better".

But having The Swingset, having the friends and lovers that surround us, made it so much easier. And here I thought the Woman who fuck Meridian Idaho new Meridian Idaho for that was "exclusive", as in "we only have sex with these other couples".

The increase in labels lead to a lot of confusion, especially for those who are new to swinging. If a term doesn't bug you, then, no, there's no real reason to care. In June of this year, Marilyn and I broke up with a girl who meant a tremendous deal to us, and we felt the depth of the valleys one can encounter in non-monogamy. Its not that important though either. That might not be their Horny cougars search sexiest woman, but I think the loaded term progressive leaves that impression.

I'll quote Cooper's Manifesto II here to make my points. I will sometimes have one time casual sex, I will sometimes travel and spend a whole weekend with swing partners, Bisexual females Bastrop Louisiana will have ongoing sexy texts, I will just see someone once at a club.

I haven't listened to the podcast, so my comment is just on the face of what you posted here. They are a really cool group and great advocates for swinging, I've met them in Married women Albany New York county and really enjoyed them. The Swingset crew are clear that they swing, and are open to swinging with new play partners - they are definitely not exclusive.

I am also a huge fan of the SwapFu's. That's imposing a negative light on the way many people approach swinging.

I don't like the term progressive used with swinging. I get it, because there are terms that set my teeth on edge, too, but the words themselves don't have a charge unless I give them one.

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It certainly seems that sometimes those for whom a particular label doesn't fit well look for one that chafes a little less. Perhaps I'm way off base. It also conveys that those that think like him are moving swinging forward whereas the rest of us are stuck in the past. I think the term needs Looking for somone that is affectionate time to develop into what it will actually mean, like soft swap or full swap.

So much so that we grew up, and we grew out, and we learned to love again as it were. I think it is a mischaracterization to say that progressive swinging is synonymous with 'friends with benefits' or 'exclusive'. I enjoy the relationships of swinging, but it's really about my relationship with my husband, something fun and sexy we do together.

And when my mind goes to that, it makes it sound like swinging is supporting other "progressive" ideologies. Whether one considers our relationship with her to be swinging, or polyamory, or some variant in between, it fucking sucked, and we went down hard. If someone wants to call themselves a progressive swinger Housewives want real sex LA Jonesboro 71251 is fine with me for now anyways. It really is more well thought out, and certainly more charitable than "I'm better than you because I do it differently.

Both these podcasts have really helped shape my swinger to swinging and running a swing group. We ourselves have always hoped to find a group of friends like they mention, just because it was easier and we like having friends who are club. It's just the word they came up with. An approach to swinging that is kink positive and inclusive of LGBTQ isn't currently the norm and isn't what most people think of when describing what they believe swinging is, which might make a qualifier useful.

As it Nude women Temecula nd, we already have to provide definitions instead of terms on a regular basis when it comes to explaining who we are and what we are looking for. I understand why people would want to shrink the definitions down so they are easier to convey… the only problem is that the only way the terms make things easier is if EVERYONE agrees on the definitions.

I am a big fan, and a part of the Life on the Swingset writing team. I read a lot into their choice of terms here though. Using that term tacitly imposes that any Up all night want to sext kind isn't progressive.

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